Top 14 Adventure Sports Activities in Mumbai | 2020 |

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Life is about the adventure you take and the memories you make!

Let’s explore the Adventure Sports Activities in Mumbai for your best life thrilling experience. 

Jobs fill your pocket, but adventure fills your souls. Sometimes all we need is a great friend and thrilling places. If it excites and scares at the same time, it probably means you should do it. Check this Top 14 Adventure Sports Activities in Mumbai and have fun in life!

Adventure Sports Activities in Mumbai

1. Jet Skiing

Go jet skiing near the Mandwa Jetty
Until you’ve gone jet skiing you haven’t actually experience the water. It’s like riding a superbike, apart from the very fact that you’re doing it on the ocean, which is quite safe in comparison to the pothole-ridden roads of Mumbai.

Adventure Sports Activities in Mumbai

Along with the safety aspects by the instructor, recreate the chase scene from your favorite Bollywood film. Also pretends you’re one among those lifeguards from Baywatch getting to rescue someone stumped. Definitely try it at Alibaug beach at a reasonably reasonable price.

  • Price: Rs 300 per round
  • Location: Mandwa Jetty and Alibaug Beach

2. Kayaking

Stride and glide against the water
Kayaking itself can seem quite mundane and lonesome. However, it requires a laser-sharp focus and keen situational awareness. You are given some instructions before leading to the boat.

Adventure Sports Activities in Mumbai

This experience can last a lifetime! Also, you don’t even need to go far from Mumbai to experience it.

  • Price: Rs. 900 to Rs. 3000 per adult (depending on the package)
  • Location: Vasai-Virar

3. Trapezing

Trapezing is an activity that will surely get your heart pumping. In this activity, you’re harnessed on the sail and placed on the sting of the boat together with your legs extended on the sting of the railing.

Adventure Sports Activities in Mumbai

Enjoy the splashes of the ocean waves because the boat skips and hops over and thru the ocean waves. Without a doubt, it literally leaves you hanging on to your life! Well not literally. Apart from this Mandwa beach is the best place for trapezing near Alibaug.

  • Price: Rs. 800 to  Rs. 6000 per adult, depending upon the number of people and the package chosen
  • Location: Mandwa beach

4. Stand-Up Paddle Boating

Stand-up paddling done over still waters
If you’re trying to find something to try to aside from kayaking, try stand-up paddle boating at the Mandwa Beach. In this activity, you’re required to row the boat in a standing position.


Whereas it’s advised to try to do this activity as long as you’ve got tons of stamina and strength. However, the activity lasts about 40 minutes and a teacher accompanies you on the ride. Since this is often an aquatics, it’s essential that you simply pay keen attention to all or any of the instructions given to you.

  • Price: Rs. 300 to Rs. 4000 per adult.
  • Location: Mandwa beach.

5. Whitewater rafting

Certainly, if you’re a water baby and are trying to find an activity that involves thrill and chills, then you’ve got to require up foam rafting. It is conducted as a group activity. Usually, teams of three and above are set into a rafting boat, briefed with safety instructions. And they are set to form their way down through the rapids within the Kundalika river.

Adventure Sports Activities in Mumbai

During the course of the activity, you’ll prefer to topple the raft into the river. If you aren’t an honest swimmer, they might suggest that you simply give toppling the boat.

  • Price: Rs 1500- Rs 4000 per adult.
  • Location: KoladTop Adventure.

Adventure Sports Activities in Mumbai

7. Paragliding

Paragliding in the mountains of Kamshet
If you ever want to experience what soaring within the sky seems like, try paragliding. The experience of cutting through the breeze within the sky is just out of this world. Undoubtedly one of the simplest places to experience paragliding near Mumbai is at Kamshet.

Adventure Sports Activities in Mumbai

Besides, you are given all the security equipment so you don’t need to fear falling. However, you can ask for a accompany if you aren’t too confident of completing a ride on your own. However, the cost may be higher for this.

  • Price: Rs. 12,000 per adult.
  • Location: Kamshet.


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8. Bungee Jumping

 Jumping in Lonavala
Of course, this is one of the foremost sought-after adventure sports near Mumbai. There’s nothing more adventurous than creating a leap from 147 feet above water level and bouncing copy within the sky.

Adventure Sports Activities in Mumbai

Before you jump, confirm you understand all the instructions and also placed on the security gear. Moreover, it’s only advisable to travel bungee jumping if you are physically fit. So if you suffer from vertigo or have a phobia from heights, it’s advised to not go bungee jumping.

  • Price: Rs. 2000 to Rs. 8000 per adult
  • Location: Lonavala

9. Parasailing

An adventure seeker beginning during a parasail
What better thanks to spending each day at the beach than spending the day everywhere? this is often possible as long as you go parasailing. While this activity is conducted on many beaches, it’s best experienced at Mandwa Beach in Maharashtra.

This is because high from the sky you’ll soak within the lovely landscape views of the beach. Besides, its surroundings form parasailing a singular and fun experience, ask the boat operator to dip you within the sea a few times. They could charge you an additional fee for this, but it’s totally worthwhile.

  • Price: Rs. 1000 per adult
  • Location: Mandwa

10. Skydiving

An instructor and a student during a skydive jump
The best seats during a plane are often found outside of it. If you’ve got ever considered jumping off a plane for fun then skydiving is for you. And this activity is conducted at Aamby Valley near Mumbai.

While here, you’re dropped from a height of 15,000 feet above water level with a cover attached to you. For your safety, a teacher does the autumn with you (a tandem dive). When the parachute is deployed the free falls ends. Although the autumn time may be a short one, it’ll desire an eternity as you’ll experience a thrill such as you haven’t had before.

  • Price: Rs. 8000 to Rs. 30,000 per adult counting on the package chosen.
  • Location: Aamby Valley

11. Valley Crossing

Valley Crossing through the forest line within the valley
Zip to the opposite end of the mountains in scenic Lonavala via a rope. If you’re wondering how the solution is Valley Crossing or Ziplining. This fun activity allows you to cross two peak points quickly and without hassle.

Also if you’re worried about safety, don’t be, because the highest safety standards are in situ. Besides the zipline in Lonavala is harnessed on a tightrope that protects them just in case of a fall. Although Ziplining isn’t complicated in the least and it is often done by an adult.

  • Price: Rs. 900 to Rs. 3000 per adult
  • Location: Lonavala and Aamby Valley

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12. Archery

Hakone may be an excellent spot for adventure sports in Mumbai. Here you test your mental strength and aim as you are trying to hit the bullseye.

The best thanks to enjoying archery here are to travel with a bunch of friends and challenge one another to hit the bullseye. After you’ve finished a couple of rounds, head to the go-karting track nearby to enjoy some more adventure.

  • Price: Rs 150  around
  • Location: Powai, Mumbai

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13. Caving

A spelunker makes the descent into the cave
Have you ever considered taking place a hill and into a cave? this is often exactly what you’ll do with spelunking. Caving, also referred to as spelunking, is best enjoyed within the caves of the mountains in Matheran.

There are many spelunking sessions conducted daily. Instructors are present to guide you thru the caves. You are also taught some survival skills like moving through the crevices and making your way through dimly-lit caves. Spelunking is completely safe and is administered under the guidance of certified experts.

  • Price: Rs. 4000 for a weekend trek
  • Location: Matheran

14. Clue Hunting

This is not like all other game chases. Here, the participants are put during a group effort to unravel brain-racking clues left by the instructors at the campsite. This activity is often administered only by a gaggle size that’s larger than 25 members, so participate as long as you’re during a big group.

The best part of this activity is that clues are often anywhere, and you would possibly even need to even do small tasks to seek out clues. it’s offered by quite a couple of adventure camping companies in and around Kolad.

  • Price: Rs. 2000 for a weekend trek
  • Location: Kolad

If you are a daring person just like me then do visit these places. The above 14activities are surely on my bucket list of things to try before I turn 25. If you know some more thrilling activities then do let me know me to add on my list.

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Here my blog ends leaving behind the excitement and curiosity for these thrilling activities.

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