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9 Best Places In India to travel to the present December to end The Year With A Bang!


Do you also mess up with things by just working day and night?


I still remember December was the only month when we children’s waiting for Santa to come and go along with the melodies flow of  ” jingle bells’ jingle bell’s jingle on the way ” And make your Christmas eve special. So why not you be the Santa of your family and make this month special by exploring these amazing places!! Places to explore this December

          Let’s end 2020 with slightly of wanderlust and a bag crammed with souvenirs.

Whether you are a beach person or a mountain person, this list will satisfy the whims of all kinds of travelers who haven’t yet planned their holiday in December. This list has the only destinations to travel to!

1. Dawki

Located in Meghalaya, Dawki could also be a stunning hill station to plan a family vacation this December. The weather is getting to be chilly and thus the landscape getting to be foggy, and pretty.

When you’re here you’ll go boating to the Umngot River, also mentioned as Dawki river. Dawki is one of the only places in India to travel to in December, which must get on your go-to list.

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 Places To Stay: 
  • Jafflon Inn: ₹1580 approx per night
  • IAI KYRSOI Homestay: ₹2319 approx per night
  • Ranthambore park: ₹4210 approx per night

2. Relaxing Time At Mukteshwar

Mukteshwar possesses its name from Lord Shiva. This hill station in Uttaranchal is understood for its picturesque views of the Himalayan ranges. Don’t miss the chance to capture moments of the rolling meadows, fruit orchards, quaint Colonial-style cottages, and coniferous forests.

You’ll have a laid back time at this cozy hill station. You can also try the adventures trekking to the Chauli Ki Jali and witness the breathtaking landscape from this viewpoint. Places to explore this December

 Places To Stay: 
  • The Wonder Valley Resort:₹2034 approx per night
  • Frozen Wood Resorts: ₹2807 approx per night
  • The Organic Village Resort: ₹7392 approx per night

3.Seclusion At Munroe Island

Hey, Couples! If you’re looking to spend a secluded, romantic time this December, away from the hustle-bustle of the town, then do visit Kerala’s Munroe Island. This place is understood as after the first-ever resident, Colonel John Munroe.

Try on an off beaten path by exploring the gorgeous architecture and Dutch styled buildings. You’ll even get a stunning view of the serene backwaters by happening a cruise here. This is often one of the only places to travel to in India in December.

 Places To Stay: 
  • Munroe Island Backwaters Homestay ( ₹1792 approx per night).
  • Lake & River Resort Munroe Island( ₹2262 approx per night).

4.Cosy In Guwahati

North East features tons to provide when it involves pristine natural beauty and abundant wildlife. Do explore Guwahati in Assam if northeast is on your bucket list. Priyanka Chopra’s gorgeous Assam tourism ads would have definitely increased your curiosity about this city by now, so why wait for any more.

One can find Guwahati on the banks of the mighty Brahmaputra. Pay your respects to the Kamakhya Devi at the long-lasting Kamakhya Temple. If you would like shopping then purchase bamboo handicrafts and Assam silk saris at the flamboyant Bazaar and gift to your loved ones.

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 Places To Stay: 
  • Hotel Plaza Inn ( ₹1346 approx per night)
  • Brahmaputra Jungle Resort( ₹2292 approx per night).
  • the Guwahati Address ( ₹4793 approx per night).

5.Chilling In Srinagar

Every Indian out here would have Srinagar on their top list. The simplest time to go to Srinagar would definitely be in December when the cottages, the pine trees are all covered in snow and therefore the Dal Lake looks serene.


And guess what????

When you’re here, you’ll occupy a quaint houseboat, sip on a warm cup of Kahwa, visit Sri Pratap Singh Museum. Just explore the sweetness of the valley. this is often one of the only places to travel to in India in December due to its serenity.

 Places To Stay: 
  • Peacock Houseboats ( ₹1000 approx per night).
  • Four Seasons Resort( ₹1871 approx per night).
  • Vivanta Dal View ( ₹12,808 approx per night).

6.Holidaying At Konark

The Sun temple in Konark, Orissa could also be a UNESCO World Heritage Site that makes adds Konark to our list of 1 of the only places to travel to in India in December


 Aside from its spirituality, Konark is known for its beautiful beaches a bit like the Konark beach and Chandrbhaga beach. you’ll even continue a fun wildlife safari at the Balukhand Konark Wildlife Sanctuary.

 Places To Stay: 
  • The Pearl( ₹1122 approx per night).
  • Toshali Sands Puri( ₹3399 approx per night).
  • Lotus Eco Resort Konark( ₹5811 approx per night).

7.Festivities At Rann Of Kutch

The white salt desert of Rann of Kutch in Gujarat is crammed with colors and festivities during the Rann Utsav that happens during winter.

You’ll reside at a tent erected within the desert and be an area of the cultural activities conducted here. The normal dance and music performances happening here could also be a sight to behold. Continue a camel ride, gorge on delicious Gujarati cuisine, and immerse yourself in desert life during December here.

 Places To Stay: 
  • Rann Kandhi Resort( ₹3754 approx per night).
  • Rann Resort Dholavira( ₹4192 approx per night).
  • Nova Patghar Tents( ₹5557 approx per night).

8.Fun At Thrissur

Popularly mentioned because the cultural capital of Kerala, Thrissur is known because of the town with three Lord Shiva temples. When you’re here you’ll go temple-hopping alongside your family and witness the magnificent ancient temples here.

The weather is getting to be cool and pleasant during now of the year, so you’ll explore the Archaeology Museum, Heritage Garden, and Athirapally Falls. Thrissur is one of the only places to travel to in India in December, which should get on your go-to list.

 Places To Stay: 
  • Casino Hotels Ltd.( ₹1835 approx per night).
  •  Park Residency( ₹2271 approx per night).
  • Clayfingers- Art Cottages( ₹5091 approx per night).

9.Cuddle In Auli

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway this December in India, then Uttarakhand’s Auli may be a lovely hill station that you simply can increase your go-to list. It’s popularly referred to as the skiing destination of India.

So why not go skiing together with your bae this December?

In Addition, winter would make this hill station cool, chilly, and surely romantic. you’ll even go trekking at the Garhwal Himalayas, and watch the sunrise.

 Places To Stay: 
  • Eco Nature Resort( ₹2000 approx per night)
  • The Tattva Resort( ₹3500 approx per night)
  • Blue Poppy Resorts( ₹5500 approx per night)


These were some places which I think are worth visiting before you end this pandemic year.

Go Just go and see the beauty in the world and lost yourself in making memories.

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